The Backyard Barbeque: An American Tradition

Americans love to grill. Backyard barbeques, clambakes, and tailgates are common events around America. Whether they’re entertaining family and friends at sporting events tailgates or at home in the backyard.

These great social events take careful planning to make them successful.

Decide on the number of guests you plan to invite, making sure you have enough room for them even if it rains. Choose the time and date then invite your guests by mailing invitations, placing phone calls, or Facebook invites.

Important tip make sure the guests you invite have something in common, like same school, workplace, family, city they live in so they have something to converse about or you will end up will a lot of bored people.

While it’s not necessary to have a party theme sometimes just a color theme is enough to make your party a big success. Table clothes, napkins, plates, glasses, seat cushions, and candles all in complimentary colors can make a good image. Candles and night time lighting will make a nice touch later in the day when it gets dark.

When you’re planning a backyard barbeque you need to plan the menu. Is it going to be really simple consisting of hot-dogs and hamburgers or a fancy feast of Steak, Fish filets, clams, and grilled lobster tails.

Once you decide on what you’re going to eat then you consider the amounts based on the number of guests you’re going to invite. Grilling in the backyard means making sure you have enough propane and charcoal to finish cooking your feast.

Make sure to prepare your grill meats by seasoning and marinating them beforehand for maximum flavor. Fresh Fruits make refreshing and delicious desserts.

Drinks take planning and preparation also. Do you have enough refrigerator space? coolers? ice? Are you serving adult cocktails? Wine and beer are simple to chill and serve. I always prepare pink drinks from pink for my lady friends; there are also other fine cocktail recipes on this site.

They’re drawbacks to using both cups and soda cans for drinks; small kids won’t finish drinking all the soda in the cans leaving a lot of waste. When you use cups kids tend to spill more and leave the cups laying all over your yard.

Prepare your yard for the barbeque by cutting the grass 2-3 days before the party. Don’t cut the grass the morning of the party or the day before because the fresh grass cuttings will leave green grass stains on your guest’s shoes and your indoor floors and carpets.

If you have a dog make sure you pick up all the dog droppings from your lawn. Leave ample garbage cans and waste bins around for the garbage.

Careful planning will lead to a wonderful and entertaining backyard barbeque for you and your party guests. Making sure there’s adequate seating, drinks, food, and appropriate music will keep your guests happy and coming back for more. If your guest leave happy they’ll likely invite you to one of their future parties when they have them.

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