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Western Cedar Grilling Planks (8 PACK!!) - Perfect for SALMON, FISH, STEAK, VEGGIES and more. MADE IN USA! Re-use several times. Superior water absorption compared to other planks

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Western Cedar Grilling Planks Features
Are you bored with the same old taste of the food each day? Do you want to try something new? Do you want to try some delicious flavor of foods that would make your taste buds go awe? Don’t worry at all!! The new Cedar Grilling Plank  have come to your rescue.

From yore, people have devised new and tempting methods to prepare yummy food, one of them being the Cedar Grilling Planks and we have a plethora of them available in the market owing to its great use. But, what’s so special about this model of the planks?

Well, the Cedar Grilling Plank has more water retention property than other planks in the market. Let’s describe this and other magnificent features of this plank. Come along!!

A large water retention property

The B00L6H5T5W Cedar plank has a good water saturation property which helps in keeping the food moist and prevents sticking to the grill gate. Hence, it becomes easy to place and remove the food items without the risk of getting the flavor tarnished.

Due to this unique property of this model, it stands out from the rest. The food is cooked much faster, since only half the time is consumed in soaking up the planks, as compared to other ones. Thus, saving you time and effort and in return providing you the most tempting and amazing food to impress your guests. What an incredible idea? Isn’t it?

Value for Money

This model provides you the best value for your money. After all, good things happen to those you use Cedar Planks!! It’s a super combo with eight simple and easy to use plank pack. What more could one ask for?

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Western Cedar Grilling Planks Pros & Cons


  • Widespread Range– Different foods can have different requirements for preparing them. But, this model is an all-rounder and takes care of all the different types of food. This model can be used for grilling salmon, heavier meals like chicken and meat, fish tops the list and veggies are not left behind either.
  • Easy to use and durable- With just 3 pounds, it’s a lightweight plank, which makes it very reliable and easily accessible.
  • Spicy Murky Flavor– When used on a gas or a charcoal grill, these planks emit a strong spicy and murky flavor which adds a scrumptious redolence to the food. This distinctive smell is what makes the grilled food wholesome.
  • Excellent Customer Service – The utmost reason as to why a business flourishes solely lie in the hands of the customer. Hence, the customer has to be taken care of and the B00L6H5T5W does exactly the same. Good and amazing reviews are what makes this model reliable and eventually having its sales go up.


  • Longer preparation time – Around two to three hours of soaking in water is the prerequisite for these types of planks. If soaked for a lesser time, they might burn a little on the edges emitting huge quantities of smoke. Hence, it’s advisable to spend some time on its preparation as well.

bottom-lineWhile these may be the specific pros and cons based on general opinion, there are some factors that solely depend on each individual at the time of its usage. First is the size of the planks. These planks have the size of about 15” x 5.2” x 3”. This size is suitable for grilling small sized salmon and but might not deem fit for a big sized fish.

Hence, the choice should be left to the buyer to decide. The next thing that limits itself to the middle of the road is the reuse property. After its first usage, many people advice to throw the planks away since they believe that reuse of the planks would be soiled and unhygienic. But, many would prefer to use it at least twice or thrice to compensate the cost.

Coming to the next factor in the hierarchy, the price. Many people would not like to dig deep into their pockets for a one-time use. They would prefer to use inexpensive planks for one shot. But, considering the rich quality smoky flavor, it offers and giving utmost importance to sanity, many people opt to throw it after one off and use another set of planks for the further dishes.

Hence, the cost offered for the cedar planks is totally based on the user’s usage times and their monetary approval.

Having discussed a mélange of things, the final verdict remains on the customer’s requirements. While the plank offers high restaurant quality, its lifetime is limited to one specific usage. If you are willing to pay the cost of a divine DIY food, you must compromise on its usage.

Hence, you should try to maintain the equilibrium on both ends, as nuanced shades of thought would aid in a better and an informed decision.

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