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Premium Cedar Planks For Grilling | Thicker Design For Moister & More Flavorful Salmon, Steaks, Seafood & More | More Uses Per Plank | FREE Recipe Card | Just Soak, Grill & Serve | 5 Pack

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Primal Grilling Inc. Cedar Planks Features
Variety is the spice of life. Sometimes, using things in a slightly different manner can lead to even greater results or in the case to delicious food. Isn’t it? Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about our next new model of the Cedar Grilling Planks– B0157ACSA2.

The surfeit models available in the market vis-a-vis model no. B00L6H5T5W or model B009BFBNWO, every model has its own pros and cons, its own specifications and limitations. So, let’s see what this model has to offer?

Excess Thickness

The most distinguishing and unique feature of this model that makes it stand out from the rest is the extra thickness in its design. These thickness suits fit for the motley dishes that it assures to prepare. This thickness is perfect for planking.

The former models vary in size and different sizes suit different needs. But this model– B0157ACSA2, there’s always space for more. Selecting a plank bigger than your needs would only add to your pleasures.

If there’s a party at home or a formal get together, the guest lists will automatically step up, and hence, you need not worry because your domestic help is right away with you and is capable of casting a long lasting charismatic expression on the guests. So, why to wait when you have the best grilling plank– B0157ACSA2 by your side!!

A High Five

It is indeed an amazing felicity to receive a pack of five cedar grilling planks, promising extra thickness and the much needed exuberant flavor. It’s just an icing on the cake. People love this grilling plank as they can grill a variety of dishes simultaneously, thus saving them time, money and effort and leaving the guests baffled and earning you a token of appreciation.

The extra thickness on each of the five planks, just adds a murkier flavor to the food, as the food occupies more convenient space on the plank. What an amazing gratification!!


A surplus of planks available in the market do not offer the re-usability property and many people hence, drop the idea of buying certain planks and thereby dropping the whole idea of planking. But, rest assured!! This model promises to reuse the planks after their first operation again and again.

This iterative process which this model offers is the leading factor as to why many people out there are willing to spend their monies. An ultimate relief!!

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Primal Grilling Inc. Cedar Planks Pros & Cons


  • Quality Food Assured– A high-quality restaurant like food is assured from this plank. The extension offered by the blank gives the food the enriched aroma and scrumptious flavor.
  • Excellent Customer Service- Good customer reviews is the byword that numerous people search for while buying any sort of appliance and the B0157ACSA2 Cedar grilling plank makes no exception to it. Easy and flexible exchanges and money back guarantee is what makes this product customer’s favorite.
  • Extreme varieties of food covered – Food ranging from salmon to fish to even heavier and heartier meals like chicken, beef, pork are all included in this model’s food delicacies. Even the steaks and the veggies form a part of this delicious spectrum.


  • Longevity of Planks – Of all the benefits these planks offer kindred to the other planks available in the market, the longevity issue is the one that concerns many people. Hence, prior to the purchase, one must read all the specifications of the planks and clarify all the warranty issues and hence, thereby make an informed decision.


While these may be the specific pros and cons based on general opinion, there are some factors that solely depend on each individual at the time of its usage. While it provides an excellent quality food owing to its extra thickness 7/16”, its longevity issue might be a concern for many.

It also offers the reusability property, and hence, the cost of the cedar planks would not impede the decision of the customer, because he would be assured that he is investing his amount for a long term future. Unlike other models that only offer the plank for a one time use, this model makes an exception to it and makes its usage recursive depending on the type of food to be grilled.

Having discussed a mélange of things, the final verdict remains on the customer’s requirements. While the plank offers high restaurant quality, it might not last long. If you are willing to pay the cost of a divine DIY food, you must compromise on its usage.

Hence, you should try to maintain the equilibrium on both ends, as nuanced shades of thought would aid in a better and an informed decision.

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