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The whole spectrum of dishes that this cedar plank covers is infinite. Starting from the delicate foods like fish to even heartier meals like chicken and pork, these cedar planks always set a benchmark.

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Grill Gourmet GG12PK Cedar Planks Features
Ever thought of preparing delectable food with a piece of hardwood? Yes, that’s right. Planking is a way to prepare food directly on the wood and for this unique practice, here are the ubiquitous Cedar Grilling Planks – B009BFBNWO.

The most distinguishing feature of these Cedar Planks is that these are always cooked on indirect heat, hence waning any risk of running into burns or misfires. Isn’t that a blessing? The Cedar Grilling Planks – B009BFBNWO comes with the above feature, an affordable cost besides a lower presentation time. It’s truly a panacea in itself.

Cedar Murky Flavor

If you are a novice and using these Cedar Planks for the first time, get ready for some quick surprise. Do you expect to have the mouthwatering aroma of the restaurant food in your grilled food as well? Well then, you have chosen the right model for your food.

These textured planks give you the much desired smoky flavor that makes your grilled food scrumptious and tempting. The food on the plank takes its distinctive restaurant like the smell from the cedar plank itself. Thus, saving you time and effort and simultaneously giving you a divine food experience.

A Variety of dishes to please the Gourmet

The whole spectrum of dishes that this cedar plank covers is infinite. Starting from the delicate foods like fish to even heartier meals like chicken and pork, these cedar planks always set a benchmark. What about beef? An even heavier meal.

The answer is yes. Beef can also be prepared on these planks and the result is absolutely piquant. In addition to that, sea foods can also be prepared with the help of this cedar plank. Veggies, on the other hand, a much considered salubrious diet is no exception. This cedar plank casts its magic on them as well.

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Grill Gourmet GG12PK Cedar Planks Pros & Cons


  • User-Friendly – These planks use indirect heat for their operation, thus making them safe and sound to use them. Hence, they can be used by any age group. The amateurs are really going to love this feature and would prefer this aromatic planks wholeheartedly. Well, for the virtuoso’s, it’s just a cherry on top.
  • Multidisciplinary Usage – The Cedar Plank Model – B009BFBNWO can be used in a microwave oven in addition to the grill stand. Thus, making it an excellent customer’s choice.
  • Lighter Weight – These planks are a way much lighter than the traditional appliances that existed. Its weight is less than 2 pounds. What a delight!!
  • Reliable and Easy Storage – These cedar planks are durable and can be used for years to come. People from yore have found these planks reliable and dote these planks due to their easy storage property. Just a scintilla of space in your cabinet and you are done.
  • A Customer for Life – A complete package in itself. It not only adds the piquant flavors to the food but also ameliorates the overall presentation of the food. A great combination of flavor, odor and color.


  • Considerably a Longer Preparation Time – Around three to four hours are needed for its preparation. If you have a celebration at night, you must start soaking these planks in water since evening. Once soaked, you can begin grilling or using them in an oven according to your dish requirements.
  • Aroma Escalation – Unused planks have to be stored wrapped in a plastic bag or a foil since they have a quite strong aroma. If stored in the open, their fragrance would be disseminating all over the area.


While these may be the specific pros and cons based on general opinion, some factors solely depend on each at the time of its usage. First is the size of the planks. These planks have the size of about 11” x 5.5” x 0.25”. This size is suitable for grilling small sized salmon and but might not deem fit for a big sized fish.

Hence, the choice should be left to the buyer to decide. The next thing that limits itself to the middle of the road is the reuse property. After its first usage, many people advice to throw the planks away since they believe that reuse of the planks would be soiled and unhygienic. But, many would prefer to use it at least twice or thrice to compensate the cost.

Coming to the next factor in the hierarchy is the price. Many people would not like to dig deep into their pockets for a one-time use. They would prefer to use inexpensive planks for one shot. But, considering the rich quality smoky flavor, it offers and giving utmost importance to sanity, many people opt to throw it after one off and use another set of planks for further dishes.

Hence, the cost offered for the cedar planks is totally based on the user’s usage times and their monetary approval.

Having discussed a mélange of things, the final verdict remains on the customer’s requirements. While the plank offers high restaurant quality, its lifetime is limited to one specific usage. If you are willing to pay the cost of a divine DIY food, you must compromise on its usage.

Hence, you should try to maintain the equilibrium on both ends, as nuanced shades of thought would aid in a better and an informed decision.

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