After utilizing big data technology in more than 20 hours of web research and analyzing social sentiments of 2535 Tweets, 516 Instagram post, 132 YouTube video, 635 Amazon reviews we found 3 best Masterbuilt Electric Digital Smoker.
Weber Genesis S-330 Grill


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  • Efficient  design which keeps heat better
  • Solid construction of durable parts
  • Weber Support
  • Sear burner gives extremely high temperature capability
  • Suitable configuration
  • It has  an extra 10,000 BTU burner on the left side of the grill.
  • This Genesis s  300 series is the flavorizer bar system which is made of stainless-steel  and adding flavor to the grilled foods
  • Efficient and quick heating
  • Provides higher heat control
  • Its permit direct and indirect heat for cooking
  • Its some parts are made of painted sheet metal,  but not stainless steel


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  • Low quality of stainless steel throughout
  • Slower preheat times
  • Difficult setup
  •  Side metal gets too hot
  • Expensive
  • The main burner takes longer to preheat than more powerful grills
  • The sear burner  set is only on the left side of the grill.

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Weber Genesis e-330


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  • It has hard construction of durable parts
  • Excellent heating system in every angle as it has a porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates  and porcelain-enameled flavorizer bars to hold and deal out heat.
  • This Weber's gas-grill cook boxes are efficient and can resist the heat needed to grill at any temperature
  • It has controls for each burner  which give you the ability to grill by the direct or indirect heat
  • Weber Support
  • Its sear burner gives  extremely high temperature capability



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  • Low quality grades of stainless steel all the way through
  • Slower  preheat times
  • Need heavy maintenance some time
  • Sometimes the cooking grate could possibly rust because of its poor metal

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Gas grill is most important appliance for cooking. A lot of gas grills are available in the market but all gas grill are not best quality. So how to choose the best gas grill or best natural grill? You should know about grill parts, burn out put, temperature etc.  But  it is so difficult to find out for any person.You...




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