Here is the Best Grill Covers of 2018.....

Last updated: January 2017

With the help of our AI we spent more than 39 hours researching 10 grill covers, and testing six of the most promising models, to find that VicTsing Grill Cover is the best one for most people who have a grill.

You asked; you got it. When we ran our first-ever grill cover's guide two years back, many of you wrote in, requesting that we include more.

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Started from 2012 product experts at Happy Grilling are researching in both indoor and outdoor grilling industry.

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We have our own AI enabled price robot which tracks and keep records of respective grills and accessories 

We compiled the best grill covers on the market, from gas grills to charcoal grills, so you can cover your grills its best this season!

Our AI robot deep dives on each and every piece of information of grill covers published on the web, includes but not limited to Consumer Reports, Consumer Search, Best Buy and Top Ten Reviews, to point out what exactly consumers look for when they purchase a grill.

Then utilising artificial intelligence we pick the BEST PERFORMING grill covers. We also research tweets, blogs and forum posts to analyse consumer’s sentiment for a respective grill covers.

The Winner is..

VicTsing Grill Cover

The important thing about grill covers is that by using one, you can extend the life of your grill to 10-20 years with properly take care. If your grill lasts that long, then you can justify the expense.

Although it is said the fabrics of which the covers are made are of the best kind- their colors can fade! While reading costumers’ reviews I came across a few bad ones. The costumer said that they had to return the product after only second use; the color faded within only few weeks .

We advise you to be careful in addition to stay away from this problem. Most of the companies that are selling the covers do give back money if the costumer is not satisfied. The only thing you should pay attention to is the time.

Things to Consider Before Buying Grill Covers

Breaking out the most important things to know when shopping for a new grill cover and that is Warranty!

Warranty: Most of the companies provide warranty within 30 days, but there are also ones who provide it during 36 months! We strongly recommend you this product, because it really gives peace to your mind!

Size: Deciding which size of grill cover is best for covering your grill is not easy hence both small and large size makes you frustrated. Covering a grill with a small cover is a futile exercise that crushes as one side pops up when you yank the opposing side down while as a large cover allows the wind and rain to blow under it, rusting your grill even though in theory the grill is covered.

Quality: Buying a cheap grill cover is not going to help your grill. One that is made of cheap vinyl and that is not lined is going to rip and tear. You may as well grab a garbage bag and cover your grill with it instead. Not only that, a cheap grill cover is going to need replacing on a constant basis. By the time your grill has reached the end of its lifespan, you will have spent more on the replacement of cheap grill covers than you would have spent had you made the initial investment in a good quality grill cover.

4. Classic Accessories 73912

This light-brown cover is one of many covers from Veranda Collection. It’s quiet big and designed to fit perfectly to barbecue grills 58″ long x 24″ deep x 48″ high. It looks classic and basic, but it’s made from water-resistant fabric.