Best Grill Covers: Cheap Weber Premium Cover

Many people, especially hard-working ones, wait all week for Friday. Even thought we say ”Friday” and ”weekend” the only thing we actually think about is relaxation. When thinking about this ”synonym” many things cross our minds, but the most common ones often include food.

Weekends are usually reserved for cooking, baking and grilling! It doesn’t matter which culture you belong to, you must admit that you like BBQ. This activity puts smiles back on faces of all family members, and that is the only thing that matters after long and busy days during your week! Nothing can be compered to the happiness. But what happens when you wake up one day and see that your grill has been damaged?

Weather and climate are a common topic to talk about nowadays. Their changes are easily seen and their reduction is though- it’s definite that our planet is in danger. There isn’t much we can do when the catastrophic happens, but can we prevent our stuff before it? The only answer is- absolutely!
Grill covers are perfect not just for your grill, but for keeping the happiness of all of your family members. Once  the storm is over- the party can start!

The grill covers are perfect for people who don’t have a garage or other space where they can put their grill. There are many different colors, patterns and designs. Therefore, you can choose the one that suites best in a surrounding of your grill. Most of them are made from fabrics that guarantee the safety.

There is a thing that can be useful to you before you buy the cover. The manufacturer, it is usually precise, but that doesn’t mean all covers follow it:

Medium fits BBQs up to 58″ wide and 26″ deep
Large fits BBQs up to 63″ wide and 26″ deep
XLarge fits BBQs up to 70″ wide and 26″ deep
XXLarge fits BBQs up to 70″ wide and 36″ deep

Char Broil 1758788


This dark grill cover is designed to fit grills with 3 to 4 burners, and between 53-inches and 62-inches wide. It covers the wheels too, which means that your grill is surely safe from all elements- not too tight and not too loose. On the each side there are closure straps that keep cover securely fastened. The cover is made from Rip-Stop polyester material which performs the highest safety. It weights 4.6 pounds, and it can be easily put on your grill. Indeed, not all customers say it suits their grills-we recommend you to precisely measure your grill before choosing this cover. However, there are many satisfied costumers too! They say that they use it all the time!

Classic Accessories 73912


This light-brown cover is one of many covers from Veranda Collection. It’s quiet big and designed to fit perfectly to barbecue grills 58″ long x 24″ deep x 48″ high. It looks classic and basic, but it’s made from water-resistant fabric. The cover is waterproof an guarantees the perfect safety. On the very top of the cover there is also a zippered top pocket for grill accessories. Once you buy it, you get three-year warranty.

Next, as we previously mentioned it, it belongs to the Veranda Collection which counts more than 100 covers that perfectly fit  anything you have in your garden. Their fashionable design, durability and extensive collection of matching products attracts many people.

Scala Home MD582448


When talking about basic colors but best covers, here is an another choice. This cover, made of thickest fabric, guarantees you the best protection through all seasons. It is easy to clean – you can even let it dry on its own during summer. There are other features too: front zippered storage pockets for grill accessories, padded handles, helpful air vents and double stitched seams. Most of your grill brands can fit in the cover.

LiBa BK582448


This big cover (58x24x48 Inches) is made  to give your grill the safety it deserves. Its thickest fabric can be easily cleaned when needed, or even just washed by water and let to dry on its own. The cover is waterproof and secure. Within 30 days after buying it, if you are not satisfied with it- you can get your money back from the company that’s selling the cover. (It doesn’t matter if the cover is new or used). The cover fits most brands and keeps your grill safe from hail, wind, heat, cold, bugs, insects, rain, or snow.

Garden Home Outdoor gc01


If  your garden is your second home, this cover provides you a perfect safety! It is ideal for covering a BBQ that is around 57-inch wide. The material of which it is made is waterproof, thick and elastic. Costumer reviews rated it almost perfect. The score is 4.5 out of 5 stars. However, the cover comes only in one color- black. That can be a disadvantage, since many people prefer wide color range. People say that this cover is ‘’no joke’’.

Although it is said the fabrics of which the covers are made are of the best kind- their colors can fade! While reading costumers’ reviews I came across a few bad ones. The costumer said that they had to return the product after only second use;  the color faded within only few weeks . We advise you to be careful in addition to stay away from this problem. Most of the companies that are selling the covers do give back money if the costumer is not satisfied. The only thing you should pay attention to is the time. Most of the companies provide warranty within 30 days, but there are also ones who provide it during 36 months! We strongly recommend you this product, because it really gives peace to your mind!